May 9, 2024

Update on Lyceum Labs and the Leading to Govern Network

We launched Lyceum Labs in early 2023 with an intentionally broad mission – “improving political leadership and partisanship in the…
August 31, 2023

A Republican in San Francisco: Can Political Entrepreneurs Help the GOP Return to Normalcy?

Lyceum Labs is exploring whether and how political factions can play constructive roles in American politics, with a particular focus…
June 21, 2023

Rebuilding Political Leadership from the Middle Out

Lyceum Labs is working to resolve a paradox that lies at the center of our politics and drives many of…
May 17, 2023

Action to Build a Faction: An Interview with Lauren Harper and Liam Kerr

In this Lab Note, I share a recent conversation I had with Lauren Harper and Liam Kerr, Co-Founders…
May 4, 2023

We Need to Talk About Demagoguery (And Not Just for the Reason You Think)

We live in an age of demagoguery. New technologies and social media give performative politicians and conspiracy theorists powerful platforms…
April 3, 2023

The American Party System and the Problem of Union, Revisited

Note the post below reprises a short paper I will be presenting at the upcoming “More Parties, Better Parties” conference…
February 1, 2023

Three Counterintuitive Propositions Driving Lyceum Labs

For the past six months, I have been working to start up Lyceum Labs. In the run up to our…
January 30, 2023

Success in the States: How Outstanding State Lawmakers Lead and Govern

On December 13, 2022, Lyceum Labs convened outstanding state lawmakers and the leaders of three nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting…
January 20, 2023

The Liberal Patriot: “Bill Clinton Reconsidered”

I contributed an article about my thoughts on the 30th anniversary of President Bill Clinton’s inauguration to The Liberal Patriot:…
January 15, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. and the American Political Tradition

This post was originally published on my personal blog, The Art of Association, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.